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TEC-IT, based in Austria/Europe, develops and delivers software for identification, bar-coding and output-management. These software products optimize logistic operations and improve documentbased communication in order to meet enterprise requirements. In addition, TEC-IT provides its know-how to implement custom-made solutions tailored to specific needs. This combination of software products, IT-Service and know-how has made TEC-IT globally a competent, successful and reliable partner for enterprises from all industries. TEC-IT’s products and custom-made solutions are in use worldwide.

TEC-IT’s main emphasis is the ongoing improvement of software products and IT services in the area of industrial applications, Auto-ID and output management. The positive feedback from customers and TEC-IT’s business success form the basis for a highly-motivated team. Another significant point is that all main developers of TEC-IT products are still actively employed within the company.

Product overview

TEC-IT Barcode Studio datasheet
TEC-IT TBarCode datasheet
TEC-IT TBarCode Direct datasheet
TEC-IT TBarCode Embedded datasheet
TEC-IT TBarCode InForm datasheet
TEC-IT TBarCode SAPwin datasheet
TEC-IT TBarCode X datasheet
TEC-IT TConnector datasheet
TEC-IT TFORMer Labeling datasheet
TEC-IT TFORMer Reporting datasheet
TEC-IT TFORMer Server datasheet
TEC-IT TWedge CE datasheet
TEC-IT TWedge datasheet

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