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gotomaxx is one of the leading companies for legal, pdf-supported digital dispachment and archiving.
Since 1998 millions of users, companies and corporate groups rely upon the gotomaxx products. gotomaxx can add another 1000 users daily to this sum, e.g. users for PDFMAILER and gotomaxx eInvoice-PORTAL.
Today and in the near future gotomaxx invests in software for the conversion of  intelligent communication processes. gotomaxx establishs this technical know-how to avoid files being produced twice, i.e. in ERPs, ordering systems etc., or that these neither have to be processed over again mechanically by OCRs. The cooperation between companies can be accelerated and becomes more profitable. gotomaxx establishs interconnecting concepts that are easier than other solutions, i.e. EDI. These have a small-scale integration for all companies.

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gotomaxx PDFMAILER Server datasheet
gotomaxx PDFMAILER Standard Professional datasheet

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