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pdfMachine by Broadgun Software - Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious!
Convert any document into PDF format 1:1, and send it by eMail. Creating, saving and sending PDF documents from any software application has never been so easy! Simply and conveniently convert any report, presentation, calculation table, offer, invoice, drawing or any other important document directly from your software application into the universal, tamper-proof PDF format!

Here's how:

Use pdfMachine the way you would any other printer on your PC. Instead of your normal printer, select Broadgun pdfMachine, and away you go!

Naturally, you have full control over the end result. You can fine-tune your security settings, printing resolution, or select any individual letterhead as you require. The letterhead functions are especially useful for sending professional business correspondence using your company letterhead. You can also join together as many documents as you like into one PDF from different applications that you can print from such as Word, PowerPoint, industry-specific applications, CAD or inventory management software. Even after printing your PDF, you can move, add, or delete any of the pages inside the PDF, or even add pages from a PDF you created earlier.

You'll find pdfMachine especially useful with its connectivity to eMail clients and other applications. You can set parameters to print a PDF from, for example, your bookkeeping software which will then automatically send itself as an eMail attachment. This will give your friends, co-workers and customers all of the relevant information in a clear, structured and professional form, while saving you money on postage.

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